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RCG's strategic consulting provides clients with the thought-leadership, market understanding and transaction sophistication that helps guide investment decisions under varying market conditions. Based in California and New York, we work closely with our clients to provide high-level consulting services responsive to their business opportunities and challenges.

Competitive Advantage

  • The markets are changing very rapidly, which puts a premium on high-quality, experienced independent consulting input from people who understand and have been through all phases of the property-market cycle.
  • Our principals have spent decades engaged in real estate consulting with hands-on experience in the debt and equity capital markets and in the evaluation of transactions across property types throughout North America and Europe.
  • Our independent viewpoint allows us to highlight risks and opportunities and to call market turns.
  • Our clients are among the leading banks, insurance companies, institutional investors, and real estate firms who utilize us as a trusted advisor in evaluating real estate strategies and investment opportunities.
  • This unique access to participants in both the equity and debt sectors of the property industry separates RCG from other firms.
Robust and Disciplined Analysis
  • We produce our own proprietary analysis and economic and property market forecasts.
  • We have an independent point of view that quite frequently differs from consensus and other firms.
  • We have an outlook on current policies and regularly develop policy proposals to improve the broader economy and real estate markets.
  • Our understanding of global and regional economic complexities and their impact on specific market segments allows us to discern actionable risks and opportunities.
Valuable Viewpoint
  • Our strategic advice contributes to profitable investing over the entire real estate market cycle.
  • Whether working out distressed portfolio assets or investing in opportunistic transactions, our strong view of where the economy and real estate markets are and where they are going results in superior pricing and performance.
  • RCG has the knowledge and experience to fully assess the real estate investment process from the acquisition and financing stage to management and operation of portfolios.
  • We tailor the components of our services to clients' needs, so that we are providing services targeted to the analytic input and business judgment that you require.
  • Our high quality market research and forecasting services inform strategic and investment decisions.