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RCG Value Adding Solutions

We work with our clients to add value to specific strategic investment decisions. Our consulting assignments range from immediate and urgent needs requiring rapid turnaround to longer thought-piece collaborations and business strategy development. We pride ourselves on being highly responsive to our clients' needs. When important decisions are being made, it is essential for clients to be able to rely on an independent and honest opinion crafted with integrity and skill.

RCG consultants work with our clients to add value to specific strategic investment decisions. In addition, many of our clients invite us to speak with important customers and business partners.

Our expertise covers a range of real estate-related decisions and we thrive on responding to changing market conditions. Our assignments change with evolving market conditions and investment challenges. Here is a sample list:

  • Tactical and strategic support for distressed portfolios and opportunistic investment programs, including acquisitions and dispositions of debt and equity instruments
  • Market timing and purchase/sale optimization strategies
  • Capital formation and financing strategies
  • Market selection in support of different investment strategies (core, opportunistic, lending, development, etc.)
  • Acquisition/disposition strategies at the portfolio and firm-level
  • Identification of potential buyers and sellers for portfolios and firms
  • Portfolio strategy assessment and review
  • Portfolio and market evaluations for investment committee review
  • Economic and real estate outlook presentations for clients' internal planning and strategy meetings
  • Evaluation of emerging property niches
  • Global market research to support capital raising and investment programs
  • Analysis of emerging CMBS and REIT programs in international markets
  • Real estate and economic analysis to assist foreign banks in selecting and managing U.S. investments
  • Analysis of economic, demographic and real estate trends to assist developers and investors in assessing opportunities to enter a foreign real estate market for development or acquisition
  • Detailed analysis of major banks' loan portfolios
  • Development of strategic leasing strategies for major corporations
  • Preparation of strategy position papers on pressing topics including our early calls of market turns. Sample report (South Florida Condo)
RCG Reports
We produce a complement of quarterly and monthly reports covering all aspects of our outlook for the economy, capital markets, and real estate markets, including risk and supply/demand analysis. Reports may be purchased on a subscription or on an individual basis according to client's needs.

U.S. Outlook
The U.S. Outlook Report provides comprehensive RCG proprietary forecasts and interpretive analysis of key national and regional economic, demographic and real estate market conditions. RCG's Base Economic Scenario and Alternative Economic Scenarios, which cover our views on the probable directions of GDP growth, interest rates, and stock market valuations, are presented. The U.S. Outlook Report, including the RCG Executive Summary, is published quarterly. Sample Report

Market Spotlights
RCG's standard market coverage includes 75 of the largest U.S. metropolitan areas. Our Market Spotlight reports include our proprietary forecasts and written analysis of local economic and demographic trends, as well as single family, multifamily, office, industrial and retail market conditions.
Sample Report

Economic Perspective
The RCG Economic Perspective provides our view of current domestic and international economic news and potential implications for our clients. Key economic health indicators, such as consumer confidence, unemployment, employment cost trends, Treasury yield curve, exchange rates, commodity price trends, and foreign trade balance, are assessed.
Sample Report

California Monitor
The California Monitor provides RCG's assessment of the economic and real estate outlook for the state of California and is released periodically. Discussions cover leading economic indicators, employment and income data, and housing and commercial real estate market trends.
Sample Report

RCG Tools
To help our clients in their investment decision making processes RCG offers RCG Tools, customized approaches to examining economic, market and client based information. We can also develop custom analytical screens based on your strategic and tactical needs in the real estate investment process.

Whether you are an investor (debt, equity, public or private), owner/user or a lessee/facilities management specialist, RCG Tools combined with RCG strategic consulting services will help you make better real estate decisions.

RCG Data Extraction Tool
Key historic and forecast data points can be extracted from RCG's database and downloaded in a spreadsheet format. You can develop your own scenario analysis according to your strategic real estate analytical needs. Available data include economic, demographic and residential and commercial real estate data for the largest US metropolitan areas (MSAs).