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Underbuilding has led to 'acute shortage' of housing and 'affordability crisis,' study says
The Washington Post

(July 2021)

U.S. Housing Market Needs 5.5 Million More Units, Says New Report
Wall Street Journal

(June 2021)

Millions fear eviction as US housing crisis worsens
AP News

(June 2021)

Ken Rosen Puts Recession Odds At 60% By 2021

(November 2019)

Ken Rosen's 1981 Prediction of Elitist Takeover of SF Basically Comes True
SF Gate (San Francisco Chronicle)

(April 2019)

Experts Warn Next Recession Around Corner
Real Estate Weekly

(December 2018)

The Case for Preserving Costa-Hawkins: The Potential Impacts of Rent Control on Single Family Homes
Fisher Center

(September 30, 2018)

Rent Control Reduces Supply of Badly Needed Housing
San Jose Mercury News

(September 22, 2018)

The Case for Preserving Costa-Hawkins: Who Really Benefits from Rent Control
Fisher Center

(September 2018)

The Case for Preserving Costa-Hawkins: Three Ways Rent Control Reduces the Supply of Rental Housing
Fisher Center

(September 2018)

Rebuilding the American Dream: Strategies to Sustainably Increase Homeownership   Click here to access the full report
(November 2017)